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July 29 & 30 @ The Valley Players Theater, Waitsfield, VT

Developed by DRT’s Play Creation and Performance Class: Elena Guadagno, Ashlynn Hayes, Lilly Hayes, Brenna Lee, Max McCusker, Alex Silowash, Nolan Smith, Emmett Stowell, Daniel Verchereau

Written by Maren Langdon Spillane, Music and Lyrics by Savannah Yates , Featured song “Rust” by Nolan Smith


Rachel Almer - Belinda

Eli Askew - Skylar

Tarin Askew - Joey

Dashiell Beaudry - Finn

Esme Beaudry - Choo-Choo

Molly Carpenter - Xylo

Camille Edgcomb - Petunia

Elena Guadagno - Ducky

Aidric Iten - Alex

Brenna Lee - Tessa Benson

Mazie Merrill - Vanessa Henson

Wolf Muller - William

Siobhan Murman - Bo

Sylvia Murnyack - Bailey

Maddie Reisner - Winona

Jane Schaefer - Stacy Jenkin

Nolan Smith - Fred Benson

Emmett Stowell - Ze/Christopher

Kaleb Vasseur - Hank

Helen Warshofsky - Odessa Swenson (Saturday show)

Piper Weir - Odessa Swenson (Friday show)



Director: Maren Langdon Spillane

Musical Director: Savannah Yates

Teaching Artists: Maddie Como, Ashley Hall

Technical Director: Dominic Spillane 

Art Director, Program Cover Art: Dashiell Beaudry

Design team: Dashiell Beaudry, Hudson Cheney, Ian Godfrey, Aidric Iten, and Kaleb Vasseur


Camp Sunshine was born during DRT’s winter Play Creation and Performance class earlier this year, when a group of nine actors created an assortment of unusual characters and we began to weave together a story that included them all. At the heart of this story were the themes of searching for connection, struggling to embrace the vulnerability needed to trust others, and being comfortable with sharing your true self. Our class culminated in a staged reading of the play, and since then, more characters have been added, music has been written, and the story tightened and polished. What you will see today is the result of two weeks of intensive rehearsal of this play, a process that included a lot of deep diving into the themes and heart of the characters and storyline. We are all so grateful to the actors for sharing themselves with us, each other, and you. Enjoy the show!

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